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* R01.   Alaskan Roll (salmon, avocado and cucumber) 6.50
  R02.   Avocado Roll 4.25
  R03.   Avocado and Cucumber Roll 4.95
  R04.   Boston Roll (shrimp, cucumber, lettuce, fish roe) 5.95
  R05.   California Roll (crab meat, avocado, cucumber and fish roe, inside out) 6.50
  R06.   Crab Cucumber Roll 4.95
  R07.   Cucumber Roll 4.25
  R08.    Eel Cucumber (or Avocado) Roll 6.95
  R09.   Oshinko Roll (Japanese pickles) 4.25
* R10.   Philadelphia Roll (smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber) 6.50
  R11.   Salmon Skin Roll 5.95
* R12.  Spicy Yellow Tail Roll 6.50
* R13.   Salmon Roll 5.25
  R14.   Shrimp Cucumber (or Avocado) Roll 5.50
* R15. Spicy Red Snapper Roll 6.25
* R16. Spicy Tuna Roll 6.95
* R17. Spicy White Tuna Roll 6.25
* R18.   Tuna Cucumber (or Avocado) Roll 5.50
* R19.   Tuna Roll 5.50
* R20.   Yellow Tail and Scallion Roll  5.50
  R21.   Vegetables Roll 5.95
  R22.   Futo Maki (A jumbo roll with crab meat, egg, cucumber and avocado) 5.95
  R23.   Romance Roll (Sweet potato tempura and avocado roll) 5.95
* R24. Spicy Tempura Salmon Roll 7.95
* R25. Spicy Tempura Shrimp Roll 8.95
  R26   American Dream (A jumbo roll with two pieces tempura shrimp) 8.95
  R27.   Caterpillar Roll (Eel cucumber with avocado on top) 10.95
  R28.   Dragon Roll (California roll with eel, avocado and fish roe on top) 8.95
R29. Golden Roll(Spicy crunch scallop with mango and chef's special honey sauce) 13.00
  R30.   Golden Ginger House Roll (Tempura shrimp, lettuce topped with lobster meat) 13.95
  R31.   Lobster Roll (Lobster meat, fish roe, lettuce & cucumber) 10.95
  R32.   No. 8 Roll (Deep fried salmon roll with eel avocado on top) 10.95
R33. Patriots Roll(Spicy crunchy California roll topped with king crab meat) 13.95
* R34.   Rainbow Roll (California roll with 2 pieces tuna, 2 pieces salmon, 2 pieces Red Snapper and avocado on the top) 9.95
* R35. Red Sox Roll (Fried tempura shrimp roll with spicy tuna on top) 11.95
  R36.   Snow Mountain Maki (Fried shrimp tempura with kingcrab meat on the top) 13.95
* R37. Spicy Girl Roll(Spicy crunchy yellowtall with spicy tuna and spicy sauce) 11.95
* R38. Spicy Tuna Mango Roll(Spicy king crab meat with mango and tuna on the top) 13.00
  R39.   Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab) 9.50
  R22. Spicy Crunch Salmon Roll  6.95
* R40.   Tiger Roll (Deep fried soft shell crab roll with salmon & avocado on top) 11.95
* R41.   Treasure Island Roll (Fried jumbo roll with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, red snapper, crab meat inside and fish roe outside) 12.95
* R42.   White Mountain Roll (Fried tempura shrimp roll with white tuna on top) 10.95
R43. Yellow Dragon Roll(Shrimp tempura, cream cheese topped with fresh mango and spicy sauce) 11.95
*R44. Celtics Roll(Spicy Tuna Roll topped with king crab meat) 13.95
R45. Mango Lobster Roll(Lobster meat, Crunch, avocado and soy paper topped with Mango) 13.95
*R46. Spanish Roll(King crab meat with cucumber topped with salmon, avocado, scallions and jalapeno) 14.00

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